About Us

  • Nadia N. Subaran Co-Founder and Co-Owner


    The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, NY
    Bachelor of Architecture


    Kitchen Guild/Senior Designer
    Hunterdon Design/Senior Designer

    The Good Stuff

    With over 20 years of experience in custom kitchen design, Nadia is as passionate as ever about the challenges and merits of good design. ‘Form follows function’ is indeed an enduring and guiding inspiration in all of Nadia’s designs. Creating thoughtful living spaces that reflect the character and lifestyle of each client, while being organized and balanced, is the goal of each project.

    Nadia enjoys and promotes a collaborative experience, working closely with each homeowner, builder and other design professionals. She strives to make the process not only informative, but exciting and engaging.

    Over the years, Nadia and her team have shared their talents with the local community.  Working with Martha’s Table and participating in four DC Design Houses to benefit Children’s Hospital, among other things.

    Nadia enjoys sharing her passion for design as a teacher as well. She participated in “The Saturday Program’ while at Cooper by teaching inner city high school students “architectonics.” She served as an adjunct professor for a semester at George Washington University’s Interior Design program. She also enjoys volunteering at her daughter’s school where she has discussed her work experiences and education and what it means to start your own business.

    Time outside of work is often spent in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining with her husband, two daughters and two german shepherds. Cooking up meals and adventures together makes for happy times.


  • John A. Schmiedigen Co-Founder and Co-Owner


    University of Maryland, College Park, MD.  Bachelor of Computer Information Systems


    Kitchen Guild/Project Manager
    Silver Spoon/ Senior Technican


    As the Senior Project Manager, John applies his technical expertise to ensure that the transition from design to installation of each project goes smoothly. He produces CAD drawings for installations and oversees their application on the job-site working closely with the project manager. John remains available to clients and contractors for trouble shooting and technical support.

    John is also the attentive father of two daughters who are fast becoming fluent in French thanks to their dad. John’s favorite moments are spent whipping up gourmet meals for his girls, including his active wife and Aidan co-owner, Nadia.

  • Miguel G. Valencia Office Manager / Logisitics Manager


    Silver Spoon/ Office Manager


    Aidan’s first and in many ways “most valuable” employee, Miguel has created many of its systems and manages everything that happens behind the scenes at Aidan Design. He handles Aidan’s bookkeeping, accounting and administrative tasks.

    Miguel processes finish orders, tracks shipping and coordinates deliveries to ensure that all elements come together in the most seamless and timely fashion. Miguel’s love of the outdoors has extended to landscape photography, which reveals the artist within. When not behind the lens, you can find him hiking, biking, or at the golf course.


  • Irina Bolembakh Project Assistant / Order Specialist


    Montgomery College – AAS Degree in Interior Design


    Irina has been passionate about art and design for as long she can remember. Wanting to take her passion to a different level, she decided to go back to school to obtain a degree in Interior Design and pursue a career in the field.


    Irina is handles order processing in addition to the overall design process. She has a strong artistic view and enjoys the challenges both aspects of her work present.

    In her spare time she loves reading and hiking with her family. Irina also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes, using her husband as a taste tester.


  • Richard A. Subaran Project Manager, Countertop Sales


    Wolf Appraisals, Rockville, MD
    Residential Appraiser, Founder and Owner


    Richard’s extensive experience as a residential appraiser gives him keen insight into the residential world from a valuation stand point.  He has parlayed his business experience into managing all of Aidan’s countertop sales, installations and overall project management in this crucial step of kitchen design process.  He keeps his ears to the ground in order to keep up with the ever changing landscape of countertop materials both natural and manmade.

    In his free time he teaches Pencak Silat, a martial arts form that has its origins in Indonesia.  He has traveled to the other side of the world to continually broaden his martial arts experiences whether he’s competing,  coaching the USA’s team for the World Silat Tournament, or being a guest speaker in Jakarta Indonesia for a discussion group about Pencak Silat at the 2013 Diaspora.


  • Kelly Emerson Designer / Showroom Manager


    George Washington University Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design with a minor in Art History


    Kelly has worked in both commercial and residential aspects of design. She started Emerson White Design to tackle interior design projects early in her career and most recently was a Design Consultant at Architectural Ceramics working with design professionals and homeowners alike.


    Kelly’s most recent experiences and knowledge of ceramics, glass, and stone materials contributes to the tailored design of every Aidan kitchen. Despite a true appreciation for all of the finishing touches, Kelly thinks it’s the foundation that counts. She believes that designing well-organized and functional spaces will inspire people to achieve beauty and structure in their personal and professional lives as well.


  • Patrique Beard Project Assistant


    Towson University – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Leadership and Management Concentration, Montgomery College – Graphic Design with Digital Tools Certificate


    Patrique has always had an interest in art and design. To develop her skills, she enrolled in Montgomery College’s Graphic Design with Digital Tools Certificate Program. She’s learned the fundamentals of graphic design and hopes to translate them into interior design. She is very excited to grow in this industry.


    Patrique enjoys traveling, cooking/baking, eating, and reading a good book. She loves spending time with family and friends and playing board games.


  • Murphy Schmiedigen Head Security Officer


    Private security, Schmiedigen Residence


    Murphy has extensive experience in residential security and has recently transitioned into the commercial world.  He maintains a strict schedule of patrolling the perimeter, napping, and training new recruits.

    Off duty Murphy enjoys chewing on large bones, checking trash cans for lunch discards, chasing squirrels, and wrestling with his trainee Abbey.

  • Abbey Schmiedigen Officer in Training


    Abbey came to us with very little prior experience in residential security. She has since followed a strict training schedule under Murphy’s watchful eye.


    In her spare time Abbey enjoys chewing on just about anything, chasing just about anything and wrestling with anyone willing.

"The kitchen is a country in which there are always discoveries to be made" - Grimod de la Reyniere (1758-1838)

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